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North West Castle Jazz Weekend

We have been informed that the above jazz weekend due to take place Monday 11 October to Wednesday 13 October 2020, has had to be cancelled due to the continuing pandemic.

A Stellar Event is planned for 2021, and the dates have now been confirmed with the North West Castle Hotel as
Monday 11 October till Wednesday 13 October 2021. Please note these revised dates

Aycliffe Radio

Hope you are all finding your own sources of Jazz in these difficult times, live jazz is unfortunately not an option but here are some suggestions to get your fix in other ways.

Mike Dixon of Aycliffe radio is working well with Ray to bring you some of the Jazz that was in our schedule, such as tracks from Mamma Shakers and Savanna on his broadcast on Sundays 6.00 -7.30 do listen out for his broadcast, available on line, Google, or ask your smart speakers for “Aycliffe Radio” see also Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AycliffeRadio1/photos/a.472150596531614/879463059133697/?type=3&theater or https://www.ayclifferadio.co.uk/


Another very good source of Jazz, we use this quite extensively for our music and the “Tuba Skinny Band” have recordings of live street performances of New Orleans Jazz that we find to be both lively and authentic. Enjoy

Sad News
Live  Jazz is not now returning in September

We have been advised by St. Augustine's hall that they are closing again due to increased Covid Levels